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Supporting Wagtail

Supporting Wagtail's development is proud to support the Development of Wagtail. Wagtail is a great Django CMS. Ideal if you want to add it into your project as part of the ...

Posted 2018-06-22

Block Error Rate and Burning Quality

Testing Burning Quality on CD's and Bluray

When I am archiving my discs to M-Discs I want to get to make sure I get the best quality results. This then means that you need to measure ...

Posted 2018-06-07

Launch of Archive service

Archive Services overview

We have just started a simple archive service.

  • Send us a USB drive of the data you need to archive
  • We will scan it and convert to a price (pricing is ...

    Posted 2018-05-22

    Drummonds of Megginch Tartan

    Drummonds of Megginch Tartan different from Wilson Grant pattern.

    The earliest example I currently have of the tartans that the Drummonds of Megginch is a kilt dating from 1849 which I wore from about 1975 to 2000. The ...

    Posted 2018-05-16

    Tartan Definition File

    ABNF description of Tartan Defintion File

    Robert Bradford created a mktartan program. This was collected from the web and saved as a Github repository by Stewart C. Russell in 2015. The original definition of ...

    Posted 2018-05-15

    Tartan URL's

    Tartan URL's


    In exploring the tartan of the Drummonds of Megginch I have wanted to find a unique way of naming the tartans. There are a number of existing registries of ...

    Posted 2018-05-15

    Tartan Weaving

    Different patterns of weaving tartan

    I have been researching my family tartan, Drummond of Megginch, and coming up with a program to generate tartans. I was inspired by an American university computer science course ...

    Posted 2018-05-13

    Ergonomic setup

    Very important to get your desk setup correctly

    If you don't have your desk setup correctly your are going to get RSI which can be incapitating. So here is a number of links, guides that we have ...

    Posted 2018-04-12

    Invoicing EU clients for consulting services

    VAT invoicing across the EU is not simple

    When you sell you need to take in account VAT regulations. These vary depending on what you sell. There are special rules for digital services eg computer software licenses.

    There ...

    Posted 2018-02-25